alltrack series

more than just another power wheelchair

Experience a better quality power wheelchair with a new innovative core technology. The Advanced Geometric Design (A.G.D.) enhances stability, maneuverability and comfort for the user like no other power wheelchair has done before. The ALLTRACK Series power wheelchairs are available in multiple configurations, all with the outstanding GC3 6-wheel interactive suspension, driving performance and style at a higher level.

  • The Alltrack M Series is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 300 lbs with an option of up to 450 lbs and is ideal for an active end user sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities.

    This Mid-Wheel Drive power wheelchair allows for easy maneuvering over day to day obstacles while providing unsurpassed stability provided by its suspensio...

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  • The Alltrack R Series is a “Hybrid” rear-wheel drive power wheelchair that has become an excellent choice for active people spending time outdoors. Make no mistake about it, this rear-wheel drive power wheelchair is unlike any other in the industry as it offers much improved posterior and anterior stability along with enhanced traction for all types ...

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  • The Alltrack HD Series is a versatile very heavy-duty mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 550 lbs. This model is ideal for people sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities as it allows for easy maneuvering over routine obstacles. The Alltrack HD is no exception to any other Alltrack as its interactive 6-wheel suspension along with the seat suspe...

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  • The Alltrack P Series is a pediatric configuration of either version of the Alltrack M mid-wheel or Alltrack R rear-wheel, and is ideal for the most active kids sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s for hanging out with friends outside, playing
    sports, riding around the house or at school, nothing will get in its way. The Alltrack ...

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  • Amysystems manufactures complex power positioning solutions for all your needs that may include standard or custom power seating systems.  Each component has been designed, engineered, produced and distributed from our local facility leaving no room for discrepancies on the final product.  We took great care to ensure that each unique power seating solution is a cut above the rest ...

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